On July 4, 1965, Professional Surfing was born.

The Tom Morey Invitational marked the first time prize money was ever paid to winners of a surfing event.

Objective judging of surfing was established.

Timed nose riding was introduced as a viable judging criterion.

Scores of subtle equipment and riding techniques were innovated as a result.

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Above, Wood Art from Original Poster- 1965

50 Year Anniversary Celebration- Tom Morey Invitational

The Birth of Professional Surfing began in 1965 in Ventura, CA with the Tom Morey Invitational. Let’s celebrate 50 years of innovation with Tom Morey and friends this November back where it all began.

We honor Surfing’s ancient roots and the propagation of the genuine Aloha Spirit as brought to us by Duke Kahanamoku and the Hawaiians. We celebrate in particular the many insights and contributions not only of Tom Morey, but all other inspirational contributors as well, both of the past, present and the future.

Purpose and Goals of the Tom Morey Invitational

Purpose and goals of the Tom Morey Invitational by Tom Morey. I personally want the Tom Morey Invitational to take place for these reasons: 1. To awaken the SURFERS of THE WORLD, riding everything from drain pipes to mountain ranges. Awaken them to the ONENESS of our... read more

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Tom Morey Invitational- 50 Year Anniversary








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