YHP-15 Heater

The Heater is another of Tom Morey’s great creations.  It has unique features, which enable the surfer to excel.  You’ll have a smile on you face after each wave and each surf session. Great performance, easy wave catching means more waves!

Heater Short-board Model
Designed by Tom Morey
Sizes: 4’8″ to 6′ 10″
Special Features:
Hydro Dynamic design for speed
V in the tail
Heater rear rails
flat bottom, 60/40 Down Rails
Volume for upping your wave count
5 fin boxes to suit your style

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Damn Chuck, The Heater was so much fun Fri and Sat, I just about threw my back out surfing like a stoked out Laguna kid.

YIPEE! Stinkin fast, connecting all dead sections, and easy to ride – Wowee…..the Morey Heater Super threat will dominate the coastlines in no time flat.

I caught so many waves making most every section that one Guppie said to me…”how do you go so fast”.

Scott Holt

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9′ 0″ Swizzle
23″ wide, 2 3/4 thick
V tail, concave nose
Swizzle parabolic shape

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How big will you smile?

Surfed my Heater at Salt Creek yesterday–great on those mushy lefts…connected across to Middles! Loved it at high tide Brooks this AM and mid-tide Rock Pile lefts and rights this afternoon…waiting for the wave that I don’t like it on. Haven’t found it yet!

Dave Vanderveen