Purpose and Goals of the Tom Morey Invitational

Purpose and goals of the Tom Morey Invitational by Tom Morey.


I personally want the Tom Morey Invitational to take place for these reasons:

1. To awaken the SURFERS of THE WORLD, riding everything from drain pipes to mountain ranges. Awaken them to the ONENESS of our kind. We are HITCHHIKERS of Nature. We mooch rides on Nature’s movements for thrills, just for the fun of it. And at times, for profit.

2. Bring awareness to our great tribe, of the role we have played in just the past half century in terms of revolutionizing life on this planet; the huge influence we, who are now at lease a hundred million souls world wide can have on FUTURE world events.

Awaken O' Surfers

Awaken O’ Surfers


3.Awaken our nation of SURFERS… free riders to the potential of our persuasive positions on the world.

4. Awaken the people of OUR NATION (and again, I’m not talking USA, China, France or any of these artificial tax based Old Order groupings)… awaken the diverse peoples young and old, of OUR TRIBES who (subconsciously… idiotically believe themselves to be of this or that race) to the fact that instead we are progressively choosing to prefer to be the SURFERS of the various Seas of wavering natural forces.

5. Proclaim that heretofore trapped in the various tax based contrivances, let us now come forth as citizens of our own natural group. WHIRLED SURFERS. (No, this is not a spelling error; whirled, and therefore capable of capitalizing on the powerful natural motions.)

6. Begin something of an informal unification of our kind.

7. Promote improved surfing equipment, riding, fabrication methods and safety.

8. Elevate surfing competition from judging as one might amateur stage performers to judging as is done in track and field.

I am ever thankful for your supporting efforts.



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  1. Even a gremmie like me that started surfing on the East Coast in RI almost 50 years ago, recognizes those legendary surf idols. What I would give to be able to go back in time and see that assemble of my superheroes.


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